For Sealing Wall and Floor Penetrations
Fire Integrity over 6 hours
even when steel reinforced,
as tested to 85476 p20
Non-Shrinking, gas-tight seals
Good load bearing
performance in floor seals

Good crushing resistance in
wall seals
Excellent workability range
from stiff to pourable
Fully set within 2 - 3 hours
Hard off-white masonry

Sanders Fire Rated Mortar is spec ially formulated from gypsum cement, lightweight aggregates and mixing aids to provide the optimum combination of workability, strength and fire resistance.Mixed with water to a su itable consistency, it sets without shrinking, to form a rigid, gas tight sea l, with sufficient strength for use in load bearing situations.It can be readily cut, or drilled, and resealed, should alteration to the services be made at a later date.

Sanders Fire Rated Mortar is intended for sealing around all types and sizes of pipe-work, cabling and ducts where these pass through sleeves, fire walls and floor slabs, etc. where a rigid seal is requi red.
It is particul arly su itable for fire-sea ls in floor slabs and vertical risers which may need to support foot traffic, and for gas-tight, pressure resistant seals.For washable, or chemical resistant applications,a specia l water based polymer coating can be supplied.

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Fire Mortar

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