Acson Easi-Gard Air Curtain

Acson Easi-Gard Air Curtain ACA308B

Product details

Finding the perfect air curtain for your home or workplace is crucial to ensuring a cool and comfortable environment especially during hot and humid days. This is where Acson’s Esi-Gard Air Curtain Air Curtain comes in play. Acson, one of the leading brands in the country ensures quality cooling power and maximum comfort any day any time.

Invisible Wall of Clean Air
The Acson Esi-Gard series creates an invisible wall of cool air that protects the conditioned room from any unwanted elements such as hot air, smoke and dust away from the room. This invisible wall of air allows a wide range of useful applications where it could be installed to keep a particular room in a constant cool temperature without having to close the door or window. Just simply install the air curtain above the selected entrance or window, and you can enjoy fresh, cool clean air!

Air Cooling Power
The invisible wall of air is all thanks to the high performance technology that this Acson air curtain features and also high grade hardware performance. The powerful air output of the air curtain is all thanks to the Sirocco fan design. The design allows it to produce a strong cooling air output that will quickly cool down the room within minutes. And it does this quietly allowing you a peaceful sleep at night.

Places to Install
To create the veil of protection from the heat, here are a number of places where you could install the Acson Easi-Gard for maximum cooling efficiency. You can install it between the borders of indoors and outdoors as well as between interior spaces.

Places to Install
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