Electrolux 1HP Air Conditioner

Electrolux ESM09CRD-C1 Air Conditioner

Product details

One of the things that Malaysia is known for is the hot and humid climate. While we cannot control the weather, we can adapt to it. Beat the heat with Electrolux ESM09CRD-C1 Air Conditioner. Together with other awesome features, this 1.0 HP air conditioner is all you need to keep your living space cool and comfortable. 

Turbo Button is a unique feature which cools the room down at a rapid rate. 

I FEEL Technology works cohesively with the remote control sensor and accurately projects the right temperature setting needed from where you are located at. .

HD Filter helps to eliminate and remove even the smallest dust particle and traps allergy-causing bacteria. 

Auto Clean helps to dry moisture - safeguarding the air cond unit from mould and fungi formation