Milux Instant Water Heater

Milux ML238 Instant Water Heater - Blue

Product details

Milux is a Malaysian global brand distributed and is one of the top distributors of household appliances. Milux has always sought to provide topmost quality and innovative products which are in line with the company’s philosophies accentuating “Quality, Safety and Reliability”. As an expert in producing major household products, Milux has created another fantastic water heater that goes by the name of Milux Water Heater ML-238!

Heated Water

Water heaters are now one of the essential components of any ordinary household bathroom. They play an important role to encourage early morning bathing because they alleviate the fear of having to face the cold water in the bleakness of the morning. The water heaters also help those who need to take baths late at night when the water becomes chilly once again. Or just for whimsy when you feel like showering with hot water.


Put your worry of burning yourself with the hot water aside as Milux Water Heater ML-238 comes with the anti-scalding feature and the thermal cut-off switch. The anti-scald shower faucets use a combination of controls to reduce the possibility of hot water burns. Valves within the faucet react to changes in water pressure, water temperature and sometimes both, to regulate hot water temperature and limit the risk of scalding.

Thermal Cut-off

Meanwhile, the thermal cut-off device (a fusible link) in the circuitry is designed to fail under intense heat. In case of a short circuit, the built-in lightning surge protector (ELCB) won’t transmit current through water if you happen to be showering when a lightning hits. Apart from that, the Milux Water Heater ML-238 also comes with splash proof protection as per the IP25 specification to ensure that the water heater is not affected by well, the water.

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