New Mastar 16" Wall Fan

Mastar 16" Wall Fan MAS-616WF

Product details

Nothing beats the sweltering heat on a hot summer's day like the Mastar 16" Wall Fan MAS-616WF. Now, you can kick back and relax with an iced cold beverage while experiencing the full potential of the Mastar Wall Fan. Why suffer with the unbearable heat when you can enjoy soothing breeze without breaking the bank? So what are you waiting for? Get the Mastar 16" Wall Fan MAS-616WF now while stocks last.

Perfect for the indoors or outdoors!

Whether you're indoors relaxing with your family or outdoors enjoying the view, the Mastar Wall Fan can be easily fixed anywhere to suit your preference. Mount it in your living room, so everyone can enjoy its cooling touch! Better yet, why not the kitchen? That way, you can still be able to cook your meals in a comfortable and cooling environment despite the heat!

Fan-tastic ventilation

In addition to providing that cooling touch that your home needs, the instant air flow that you get gives you a better ventilated environment, preventing stuffiness and allowing air to move freely throughout the house. Wake up and smell that fresh air, thanks to the Mastar Wall Fan.

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