New Morgan Wall Fan

Morgan Wall Fan MWF NA162MS White

Product details

Don’t you just want to lie down on your bed to rest after a long day at work? Have some fresh cool air and fan off the heat with Morgan Wall Fan MWF NA162MS.

Incredible 3 Speed Controls With Low Noise level
Full blast speed can lead to annoying noises caused by the blades. With Morgan Wall Fan MWF NA162MS, that’s not going to happen. This greatly designed circulation fan features 3 speed controls that you can choose and even the fastest speed will not cause so much noise. The blades produce powerful airflow hence provide you the coolest breeze for your room and even your living hall. Simply amazing!

Energy Saving & High Performance
The Morgan Wall Fan MWF NA162MS works efficiently. With its high quality and durable motor, the Morgan Wall Fan MWF NA162MS provides high performance rate while it saves energy. This wall fan also features smooth oscillation. Apart from the great performance, the fan is also easily disassembled so that you can clean it easily. How convenient!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Morgan Wall Fan MWF NA162MS today and enjoy fresh and cool breeze!

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