Super Robotic Vacuum

I-ROVA Robotic Vacuum K6L

Product details

Having clean floors without having to lift a finger is like a dream come true. Intelligent robot vacuum cleaners have completely changed the way we clean our homes, without us having to be there! I-ROVA Robotic Vacuum K6L is a perfect tool for any household especially for those constantly on the go. This fantastic creation allows you to go on with your daily routines without having to worry about cleaning the floor!

Independent Worker
I-ROVA Robotic Vacuum K6L is a revolutionary vacuum cleaner that works on its own with no fuss and is a complete time saver. The in-built sensors prevent collisions into walls or any objects that are obstruction as well as falling off staircases. Also, with its compact size and lightweight, it gets to hard to reach corners with no problems. The built-in mop function allows it to mop while it vacuums, further enhancing your hassle free cleaning experience.

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