No.1 Pineng PowerBank

Pineng PN968 PowerBank 10000mAh (Grey)

he smartphones of today are filled with applications to help us get about. Some may use it for work, others for leisure. Whatever you may use it for, a smartphone or mobile device with an empty battery is useless to have. Thanks to this very portable Pineng PN-968 power bank, you can recharge and refill your battery when you see fit.

Dual Ports
It has two USB ports, making the PN-968 by Pineng a very versatile power bank to own. You can now charge not one, but two mobile devices simultaneously. All you require is a charged power bank and the right USB cable for your devices. Let it be a smartphone or a tablet, you’ll always have a charge in your devices.

LED Display
Internally, the PN-968 power bank has an ample 10,000 mAh capacity, ideal for any occasion and for a lot of mobile devices, ranging from smartphones, tablets, GPS, or even MP3 players. It’d be ironic to have an empty power bank, but thanks to its LED display, you can figure out how much energy it has left This will let you calculate when the power-bank itself needs a recharge.

Safety Precautions
When we plug in our devices into a power-bank, we’d expect it to charge our battery quietly. But with energy running in and out of the PN-968, its best to take the necessary precaution to protect you and the device. It has a built in IC to prevent any overcharging, over discharging or short-circuits from occurring while it is active.

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