Three Layer Steamer Steam Pot Cookware - 32cm

Product details of Three Layer Steamer Steam Pot Cookware 

Steaming is one of the best cooking methods for maximizing taste and color, while retaining the most nutrients in vegetables and fish. As such steamed food from the stores tends to be a tad bit more expensive than other food. To help you cut cost while experiencing the pleasure of cooking from home, Three Layer Steamer Steam Pot Cookware - 32cm is what you need in your kitchen.

Eat clean, live healthily
It keeps your nutrition in check while giving you fresh and healthy food quickly, as it preserves vitamins and freshness of your food for your enjoyment. Made for easy-to-use, this compactly designed steamer allows you to easily store it in your kitchen and ready to be used when needed. Equipped with a 60-minutes timer, it cooks and steams to perfection on 3 trays with removable bases and integrated egg holders and a keep warm function, while preserving its nutrients and freshness for your dietary needs.

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akubiomed akubiomed 30 August 2015 at 22:45
Kalau dapat buat kuih pau layan juga guna bekas stim ini. :)