New Bosch Cordless Drill/Driver

Bosch GSR 1000 Cordless Drill/Driver  

  • ong battery lifetime
  • LED battery status
  • Small and compact
  • Portable

Product details of Bosch GSR 1000 Cordless Drill/Driver

Tough drilling jobs require the toughest tools around. Let the Bosch 06019F40K0 GSR1000 Cordless Drill Driver show you excellent, effortless drilling. Made of hard plastic, it takes more than a dozen drill jobs to dent the durable driver. Comfortably equipped with an ergonomic handle, this Bosch Drill takes your comfort into mind and makes sure that all the effort remains with the tool and not your hand. The Bosch 06019F40K0 GSR1000 Cordless Drill Driver provides you with a tool that's full of power -- but built with an ergonomic design. 

Easy Drilling
The mighty Bosch 06019F40K0 GSR1000 Cordless Drill Drive drills up to 16mm of softwood. With the Bosch Drill, drilling through tougher, harder jobs becomes as easy as a snap. The Bosch Drill also gives you accuracy with your work. Equipped with a precise screw driver, a motor brake control, and a variable speed trigger, it allows you to customize every hole that you plow through. The Bosch Cordless Drill comes with a reasonable weight and and size that makes it comfortable to use and navigate through narrow spaces. 

More Features
Equipped with a LED light at the base, it also provides you with a functional support light that allows you to see your drill work even in dark spaces. Purely cordless, the Bosch Drill makes sure that no cords get in the way of you getting the job done. The Bosch 06019F40K0 GSR1000 Cordless Drill Driver comes with a long built-in battery that steers clear of overheating and deep discharge. A 3-LED Fuel Gauge also allows you to monitor the status of your tool's battery and helps to you to determine whether you need to charge your tool's battery or not. 

Specifications of Bosch GSR 1000 Cordless Drill/Driver

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Bosch GSR 1000 Cordless Drill/Screwdriver
General Features:
Size (L x W x H)15.2x11x11

More Details : Bosch GSR 1000Cordless Drill/Driver  

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